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“Cherry on the cake” - Youth Exchange in the context of long term work with young people 2022.06.30. Részletek
This 2,5-days training course for youth workers and youth leaders opens a creative space for exploring different quality aspects of Youth Exchanges, such as how to connect them meaningfully with the local youth work.
YOCOMO Training of Trainers 2022-2023 (with online and residential parts) 2022.07.01. Részletek
This training aims to bring trainers’ work to the next level. You will learn how to reach a bigger impact with your training course on youth work competences. It will help you to connect your training to the most recent European developments.
Cross Over Prague - Training for Quality in Partnership for Cooperation in the Youth Field 2022.07.07. Részletek
The TC aims to contribute to improving the quality of project preparation and implementation, and to achieving a greater positive impact of developed KA2 projects on different levels relevant for youth and the youth field.
TYE - Tools for Youth Exchanges 2022.07.10. Részletek
A Youth Exchange (YE) needs content, but behind the content are tools. TYE is a training that enables participants to explore tools around group processes, learning, involvement of young people, and how to facilitate these tools during a YE.
TICTAC Training Course & Partnership Building Activity 2022.07.15. Részletek
TICTAC is a network TC/PBA open for all National Agencies for the Erasmus+ (Youth) and European Solidarity Corps programmes and targets voluntary and professional youth workers and youth leaders.
One 2 One - facilitating learning face to face 2022.07.15. Részletek
5-day training course focusing on the competences (of youth work practitioners) needed to work with young people individually to support their learning and development
Municipalities4Democracy - A youth participation training for municipalities 2022.07.17. Részletek
Learn how to successfully involve young people in decision making and strengthen democracy in your municipality.
ETS Trainers‘ Skills Workshop (TSW): Sustainability in European Training activities 2022.07.22. Részletek
The TSW offers a chance to explore sustainability in a broader sense than environmental, share experiences & co-create sustainable practices in trainings. How can we be more sustainable as trainers & what can we do about it in training activities?
APPETISER - An introduction on how to use the ‘E+ Youth’ Programmes for international youth work 2022.07.22. Részletek
Giving a strong positive first experience of international youth projects to motivate the participants to use the Erasmus+ Youth and partially to the European Solidarity Corps Programmes.
Adventure Europe 2022.07.22. Részletek
This training course is addressed to youth and social workers who are working in Youth Care and residential care settings and interested in Adventure and experiential learning approaches.
Sustainability Academy: building Future(s) Scenarios! 2022.08.01. Részletek
Learn how to support young people with imagining/building desired future scenarios for their communities. This training on sustainable youth work uses Futures Thinking and addresses sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, circular economy.
The Power of Non Formal Education 2022.08.03. Részletek
Improving the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE), principles and methods in creating empowerment opportunities for young people as real actors of the society (from local to Europe).
Anti-racism (youth) work in Vienna 2022.08.07. Részletek
This study visit explores the question how youth work addresses (anti)-racism. During the activity we will hear experts, visit local projects and meet self-advocacy organizations to see and discuss challenges and good practices in anti-racism work.
Star of Europe Denmark 2022.08.12. Részletek
Take a step by step journey through a youth exchange project. You will learn how to organise youth exchanges by involving young people at every stage.
Solidarity_Opening the door to new volunteering fields 2022.08.15. Részletek
We want to open the door to new fields in volunteering! The event aims to bring together different organisations, newcomers and the ones that have experience and are interested in new fields of volunteering.
Erasmus Goes Greener 2022.08.28. Részletek
Do you want to make your youth work more environmentally friendly? Are you interested in how to make Erasmus+ and ESC projects greener? If the answer is yes and you are working with young people directly, - then this is the activity for you!
Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations - SEE - N-Macedonia 2022.09.01. Részletek
Did you know you can organise international youth projects for your young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? Come and discover what Erasmus+ Youth/Solidarity Corps can do for you and the young people you work with.
Bitrimulti Luxembourg 2022.09.21. Részletek
The aim of the BiTriMulti course is to offer an international learning experience for those active in the youth work field, enabling them to develop their competences in setting up quality Youth Exchange projects, especially newcomers to this field.
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