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Green Project Lab for young people

Jelentkezés a képzésre SALTO jelentkezés
Határidő: 2021.11.22.

Green Project Lab for young people - Development of and funding for green Solidarity Projects

9-12 December 2021 | Online, Germany


for 30 participants
from Austria, Belgium - DE, Belgium - FL, Belgium - FR, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey

and recommended for
Youth leaders, Young people 18-30 years

Working language(s):

JUGEND für Europa (National Agency)

This online training is hosted by the German National Agency for the EU Youth Programmes
Eramus+ Youth
European Solidarity Corps

Solidarity Projects are part of the funding programme "European Solidarity Corps" from the European Union. Young people get the chance to take action for positive changes within their local community. In this project lab we will focus on climate challenges and how young people can address them locally with their own project ideas and thus contribute to a better environment. 

Contents of the project lab:
Do you and your friends want to get active in climate protection and start a project in your neighbourhood or city? With an EU-funded solidarity project you receive 500 € per month to realize your project! Maybe you already have a vague idea for a project, or you just want to do something to protect our planet but don't know how to get started? This Project lab gives you the space and support to develop your idea into a concrete project.

With this project lab you get the chance to: 

  • connect & exchange with young people with similar interests from all over Europe 
  • deepen your understanding about ecological challenges (with external experts and resources) 
  • learn about project management (such as setting aims, communication, finances) 
  • get to know sustainable practices for everyday life and for projects 
  • receive details on the application procedure in the European Solidarity Corps programme 
  • get inspiration and support to start a project 

After completion of the course all participants receive a Youthpass as a certificate of participation.

Participation in this project lab is open to young people aged 18-30 years legally residing in one of the following countries: 

  • Member States of the European Union 
  • Iceland 
  • Liechtenstein 
  • Republic of North Macedonia 
  • Turkey 
  • Norway 

If you and your friends already have formed a group to start a project, you should try to participate with 2-3 group members. However, you will all have to register separately.
It is also possible to participate as an individual, even if you do not have a project group (yet :-) ).
To register please use the button “Apply” on the top of this page.

The deadline for registration is November 22nd 2021. 
You will be informed if you are selected for the training by November 25th 2021 at the latest. In case of more registrations than places available, there will be a waiting list.

Participation fee:
This online training is free of charge.

Working language:
This training course will be held in English. 
Should you need special support in order to participate (i.e. translation into sign language), please contact us as early as possible, so we can make arrangement accordingly.

The online sessions are scheduled for the following days and times: 

Thursday 9th December: 17-19 h 

  • Welcome and getting together; 
  • Sustainability & Climate action – Conversation with an expert. 

Friday 10th December: 17-19 h 

  • Solidarity and environment; 
  • European Solidarity Corps programme: Solidarity Projects; 
  • Sustainability & Climate action – Conversation with peer experts. 

Saturday 11th December: 11-13 h & 15-17 h 

  • Envisioning green solutions to local problems; 
  • Project Management: from visions to green projects. 

Sunday 12th December: 11-13 h & 15-17 h 

  • Project management Tools and Competences; 
  • Pop-up Office: Solidarity projects – How To? 
  • Evaluation & Closing 

Please note that participants should be available during all above-mentioned online-sessions.
In addition to the online sessions in the group, there will also be individual tasks (online & offline), for which we kindly ask you to reserve some extra time in your calendar (approximately 1-2 hours/day) apart from the schedule above.
All times are in CET.

Important technical advice:
Please note that to ensure a quality participation in this course, participants should use a PC, laptop or tablet with camera and microphone and a stable internet connection. The participation via smartphone is not recommended. 


This online training is hosted by the German National Agency for the EU Youth Programmes 
Erasmus+ Youth 
European Solidarity Corps

Rita Stadtfeld, stadtfeld@jfemail.de, +49 (0) 228 9506291 

Training overview

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Kérjük, egyaránt töltse ki az idegen nyelvű (SALTO) és a magyar nyelvű jelentkezési lapot! 

A részvétel költségei: 
A résztvevők programhoz kapcsolódó költségeit a fogadó nemzeti iroda vagy a szervező fedezi. 

Jelentkezési határidő: 2021. november 22.
Értesítés a jelentkezés eredményéről: 2021. november 25.


Gulácsi Ildikó / Ms Ildikó Gulácsi
TCA-NET koordinátor / TCA-NET coordinator

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