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Strengthen young people to solve their conflicts without violence 2021.09.17. Részletek
The seminar gives professionals the opportunity to exchange best practices to empower and equip young people with the required knowledge to tackle violence amongst peers.
Communication Academy 2021.09.19. Részletek
Have you ever had the feeling that you are doing a great job in your project and that the results deserve to be better known? Well, if you had, then Communication Academy is the place for you.
Transnational Seminar - Among Others 2021 2021.09.19. Részletek
The Among Others Transnational Seminar will take place Nov 17 - 19. This seminar aims to share the outcomes of national Among Others activities (including the context, ideas, resources) and and to evaluate the 2020-2021 phase of the project.
Step into Cooperation Partnerships within Erasmus+ Youth 2021.09.19. Részletek
This training course aims to increase competences in developing quality Cooperation Partnerships in the youth field within Erasmus+ Youth KA2.
AccessAbility - New EU Youth programmes as enablers of mobility projects for youth with disabilities 2021.09.19. Részletek
This partnership-building activity will be an opportunity to find partners and partner organisations for future international cooperation to take forward inclusive projects within European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+.
DIGIT/ERACY 2021.09.23. Részletek
Digit/eracy is 6 days TC for social actors as the driving force in the youth sector to gain practical competences for exploring the topic of Digital Literacy, Critical Thinking and Media influence.
Empower inclusiv-ability 2021.09.26. Részletek
A capacity building activity open for youth organisations willing to empower inclusive activities in their work with young people with disabilities and health conditions. A new tool emphasizing hands-on approach will be launched.
Among Others, Webinar 3; Life after Among Others 2021.09.30. Részletek
The “Life after Among Others ” webinar will take place Oct 14th 3-5 pm CET. This is the third of a series of 3 interactive webinars leading up to the “Among Others” annual international seminar (online) Nov 17th -19th 2021
Recognition of competences acquired in the non-formal sector 2021.10.01. Részletek
The value of non-formal learning for youngsters will be discussed by experts/practitioners of (non)-formal education -experts conceptual and research level; -practitioners' best practices and tools; -the participants themselves ( workshops)
Intersections in youth work education pathways and practices 2021.10.03. Részletek
The seminar offers a mutual learning space to explore the similarities and differences of how youth work as a professional practice and the formal education of youth workers are connected in various countries, as well as showcasing practices from Hungary.
“Towards Collaborative Practice” (HU) 2021.10.03. Részletek
A great opportunity to discover, connect to successful initiatives, and learn more about social entrepreneurship and youth work in Hungary, as well as about how the European Solidarity Corps can support social entrepreneurship among young people.
Connector 6.0 2021.10.03. Részletek
Connecting the world by non-formal digital learning. The Romanian NA started organizing Connector in 2014, aiming that the event – focused on sharing and experiencing non-formal learning methods - would become, a European reference point in this area.
Mobility Taster for Inclusion Organisations - Focus on Volunteering 2021.10.07. Részletek
Did you know you can organise international volunteering projects for your young people from disadvantaged backgrounds? Come and discover what the European Solidarity Corps can do for you and the young people you work with.
No Dead Ends – Guidance Supporting All the Way 2021.12.31. Részletek
How to support learning and employment throughout the growing up of young people? Join the cross-sectoral seminar to see good practices of guidance and support of pupils, students and young people throughout their development and see its possibilities.
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