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ETS Trainer Skills Workshop – How to support wellbeing in training practices 2023.02.01. Részletek
Join us in exploring trainers’ wellbeing competences in a training context, as well as your capacity to care for the wellbeing of your participants.
Youth@Work - The impact of youth work on youth employability and entrepreneurship 2023.02.01. Részletek
The seminar focuses on youth work, entrepreneurship and employability. It aims to bring attention to the impact that youth work has on supporting young people’s employability and entrepreneurship.
Digital Youth Work - State of Play - Moving Forward 2023.02.10. Részletek
The dissemination event “Digital Youth Work - State of Play - Moving Forward” brings together youth work stakeholders to experience results and learning obtained from the strategic National Agency cooperation on Digital Youth Work.
EAT SNAC_STUDY VISIT: Inclusive Youth Work Practice 2023.02.12. Részletek
This study visit will give the participants an overview of different services for young people coming from marginalised backgrounds in Cork, Ireland.
ETS COMETS Solidarity - The GLOW of value-based-learning 2023.02.19. Részletek
Time to explore solidarity as a value in your training work and discover what role core values are playing in diverse training situations, and which are the ways to integrate them better.
Study visit on Local Youth Work - Lithuania 2023 2023.02.19. Részletek
This study visit aims to explore youth work in Lithuania.
A-B-C-De-mo-cra-cy International training course Bulgaria 2023.02.20. Részletek
A-B-C-De-mo-cra-cy is an educational pathway for motivated and passionate youth workers and volunteers that gives the possibility to go deeper into the values, concepts and effective mechanisms.
Mentoring under Construction – international seminar on mentoring within ESC programme in Vilnius 2023.02.26. Részletek
Mentoring under Construction is a process of exploration and community building in the landscape of mentoring within the European Solidarity Corps.
The Power of Non Formal Education - Germany 2023.02.26. Részletek
With this training we want to improve the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE), principles and methods in creating empowerment opportunities for young people as real actors of the society (from local to Europe).
TICTAC Training Course & Partnership Building Activity 2023 2023.02.28. Részletek
TICTAC is a network TC/PBA open for all National Agencies for the Erasmus+ (Youth) and European Solidarity Corps programmes and targets voluntary and professional youth workers and youth leaders.
Introduction training for newcomers to Youth Exchanges - BiTriMulti 2023.03.11. Részletek
This training course takes you through the different stages of setting up and running a quality Youth Exchange project. The training is designed for newcomers to Youth Exchanges and Erasmus+.
A Partnership Building Activity with Young People 2023 2023.03.25. Részletek
With this Partnership Building Activity (PBA) we invite teams of youth workers and young people (16-18 years old) to come together, get to know each other and explore the possibility of making an international Erasmus+ project together.
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